Services QuanTec offer include:

The common denominator of every construction project is that, each and every one is unique. QuanTec provides impartial, specialist advice on managing the diverse cost elements of construction projects from start to finish.

QuanTec will always strive to deliver the best cost and commercial solutions to enhance and secure our clients best interests through the whole process from the concept design to the delivered operating product. Our diligent and proactive approach ensures that designs are optimised, best values are achieved and that risks and their associated costs are managed and minimized

Typical Quantity Surveying and Cost Consultancy duties can comprise;

·Feasibility Studies & Master Planning
· Cost Estimates & Cost Planning
· Development Appraisals
· Funding Advice
· Contract Strategies
· Procurement & Contract Strategy and Advice
· Value Engineering
· Bills of Quantities
· Schedules of Work
· Term Contracts
· Tender Documentation
· Tender Adjudication
· Contractor Selection
· Contract Documentation
· Lenders Fund Monitoring
· Due Diligence
· Cashflow Forecasting
· Change Management
· Cost Reporting & Monitoring
· Interim Valuations
· Payment Certification
· Final Accounts
· Whole Life Cycle costs
· Capital Allowances and Taxation advice

Successful project management requires a combination of leadership, motivation, and rigorous administration to ensure that the planned project outcome is achieved. The selection of the principal manager is one of the most critical appointments that the client will make.

The Management role can fall under various titles with varying roles depending on procurement, contract conditions and client delegation. Titles and roles can be:

• Project Manager
• Construction Manager
• Contract Administrator
• Clients Representative
• Project Co-ordinator
• Employers Agent
• Development Monitor

Our approach is to implement a structured and controlled process throughout the project to ensure that time, cost, quality and functional objectives are achieved or bettered. We work closely with our clients allowing them to optimise development potential through effective project rationalisation, generation of a clear brief, defining the primary requirements of owners and users in order to provide the design team with a sound base from which to develop detailed solutions.

Project Management services can comprise:

• Stakeholder engagement
• Project delivery strategy
• Risk management
• Strategic Project Briefing
• Development Appraisals
• Consultant team Selection and Appointment
• Programming and Planning
• Value and Risk Management
• Procurement Strategy and Advice
• Contract Strategy and Advice
• Design Management
• Change Management
• Contract Administration
• Project Monitoring
• End user integration

The Insurance Act (2015) comes into effect on 12th August 2016. The Act requires ‘fair presentation’ of the risk, part of which includes the sum insured on the policy. At the time of claim if it is discovered that the value has been deliberately or even inadvertently set too low, that claim may be reduced proportionately.

It is a well documented fact, that on average 77% of the properties correctly surveyed are discovered to be underinsured by 45% of the correct insurance value for the purpose of reinstatement.

The sum insured should be reviewed every 3 – 4 years as indexing applied by insurance companies can become out of time with current construction cost trends. Over insurance can result in paying too high a premium, under insurance could result in having to meet the cost of any shortfall in the reinstatement works. Any business owner will appreciate that lack of adequate cover could leave a business with serious funding issues and potentially disastrous delays.

We have extensive experience of preparing RCAs for all types of property. Whether as individual or a portfolio of 50+ sites, we have assessed almost every type of building, modern or listed, including offices, shops, retail parks, warehouses, storage, manufacturing and industrial facilities, retirement homes, blocks of flats, bridges, carparks, hotels and pubs, with a range of values circa £50K – £100m ++.

QuanTec have accurately assessed in excess of £8 Billion of commercial property portfolio since our formation.

Factors and considerations that will influence Building Reinstatement Costs:

• Conservation Areas
• Listed Buildings
• Regional cost variations
• Access and site constraints
• Construction methods and age
• Adjoining properties and Party Walls
• Tenant fit out items
• Plant and Machinery

Principal Designer

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 replaced the CDM 2007 Regulations on the 6th April 2015 with revised duty holder responsibilities, and placed enhanced responsibilities on the Client.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 are intended to protect the health and safety of people working in construction and others affected by the works. CDM 2015 now fully aligns with the EU Temporary Mobile Construction Sites Directive addressing for the first time domestic clients and multiple contractor construction sites.

QuanTec, when appointed as Principal Designer or CDM Consultant, are able to facilitate the Clients obligation to fulfil their legal responsibilities.
Clients must ensure that construction work is carried out, so far as is reasonably practicable, without risk to the health and safety of workers and others.

Principal Designer services can comprise:

• Preparation of a client brief
• Making and maintain management arrangements
• Raise a formal notification of project as may be required
• Make suitable appointments
• Provide background pre-construction health and safety information
• Ensuring a construction phase plan is in place for the start of site works and is maintained
• Ensuring that suitable site welfare is in place throughout the construction period
• Ensuring the Principal Designer prepares a health and safety file, to be passed on to the client at completion
• Ensuring that the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor comply with their duties
• Provide CDM compliance inspections
• Carry out site visits and meetings

CDM Consultant

As CDM Consultants acting for Clients we can implement delegated duties such as notification of a project, collation and issue of pre-construction information, advice on missing information, review and comment on the Principal Contractor’s construction phase plan and welfare arrangements. Working with the Principal Designer we can ensure that Designers are complying with their obligations under CDM 2015 and implement audit procedures to ensure that both the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor are also complying.

We carry out a full range of Building Surveying services across most industry sectors. We are able to quickly develop solutions across a broad range of sectors and building types. With capability to deal with new build, extension or alterations, we can provide innovative and cost effective interventions.

From acquisition to disposal we can advise clients at every stage of the property investment cycle, ensuring that they achieve value and minimising their risk.

Our Building Surveying team provide specialist professional advice on all aspects of property maintenance, building pathology and facilities management, to client owners, tenants, funders, purchasers and developers. With extensive expertise in planning, building team regulations, listed and historic buildings, planned and reactive maintenance, we can deal with any aspect of construction related property investment and management.

Building Surveying Services can comprise:

• Design & Feasibility Studies
• Obtaining Statutory Consents (Planning/Building Regulations)
• Preparing Specification & Schedules of Work
• Managing the Tendering Procedure & Reporting
• Access Audits and DDA Compliance Works
• Asbestos Management Reviews
• Fire Risk Assessments
• Measured Surveys
• Accessibility Surveys
• Pre-Acquisition & Vendor Surveys
• Planned Maintenance Surveys
• Building Pathology
• Schedules of Condition
• Condition Surveys & Repairing Obligations
• Interim & Terminal Schedules of Dilapidations

The Party Wall Act 1996 is the document which sets out a “building owner’s rights” and obligations when undertaking building works at their property. It was created in order to prevent the actions of the building owner from causing damage or disruption to their adjoining owners, while ensuring that they are not prevented from undertaking lawful work to their property.

You might consider appointing a Party Wall Surveyor for the following scenarios:

• The construction of a new wall at the boundary of two properties.
• Cutting into a party wall, for example for removal of a chimney breast, or insertion of a steel supporting beam.
• Knocking down or rebuilding an existing shared/Party Wall.
• Knocking down or rebuilding a boundary wall under a Line of Junction.
• Excavating including piling, within between 3 and 6 metres of a neighbouring property or structure.
• Removing, raising, lowering or building off a Party Fence Wall.

Our party wall surveyors are experts in their field, dealing with party wall matters regularly. They are able to provide concise advice relating to your particular situation. Whether it is a simple single storey extension or a major construction project your appointed surveyor can fulfil all your obligations in relation to the Party Wall Act.

Party Wall Surveyor services can comprise:

• Preparing and serving a Party Wall Notice on the Adjoining Owner.
• Acting as Party Wall Surveyor for the Building Owner.
• Acting as Party Wall Surveyor for the Adjoining Owner.
• Acting as Agreed Surveyor on behalf of both Owners.
• Responding to Notices on your behalf.
• Dealing with lack of response from the Adjoining Owner to your Notice.
• Liaising with other Party Wall Surveyor, draft and serve the Party Wall Award in accordance with the Act.

To find out more about your rights and obligations as a building owner or an adjoining owner go to;


We assist our clients to resolve disputes that cost them and their business disruption, delay or reputational damage.

Prevention is always better than cure. If a dispute arises, or is likely to, our experienced team act quickly to help clients avoid long and costly resolution.

As independent advisors, we prepare a neutral evaluation that gives an objective analysis of the problem, and clear direction on how to resolve it. We specialise in exploring issues around time delay, mounting costs, financial risk and procurement, so clients are able to make informed commercial decisions.

We can establish the likely damages, assess any possible counterclaim and review the potential for early settlement.

Should your dispute escalate, we are able to provide testimony under cross-examination – whether as party appointed or single-joint experts.

Dispute & Resolution Services can comprise:

• Expert Witness
• Legal Reports
• Forensic Analysis
• Mediation
• Negotiation
• Claim Preparation
• Claim Reviews
• Loss assessing and adjusting
• Delay and Disruption
• Quantum assessment

We provide our professional services regularly to Contractors from National to local size organisations.

Main, sub or specialist trade, we have worked and assisted all types with procurement, contract and commercial advice and preparing quantities or schedules for pricing.

We have also placed surveyors within contracting organisations to put in place commercial management systems and to assist the management of complex accounts.

Contractor Services can comprise:

• Contract Advise and Negotiation
• Builders Quantities
• Bills of Quantities (NRM & SMM7)
• Claim Preparation
• Account Preparation
• Interim Valuations
• Secondment Placing
• Sub-contractor Procurement
• Commercial Management
• Dispute Resolution