Heffin A-W.  Principal Lawyer (Commercial Litigation)

  • QuanTec were appointed as a Clients Expert to review a finished Factory Unit and provide an Experts Court Report. Their integrity in compiling the report pursuant to the CPR and their professionalism throughout were of the highest order and were integral in resolving the matter in our Clients favour.

Will G.  Director ( Renewable Energy)

  • I have had the fortune to work with QuanTec on a couple of contracts over the years. Each outcome proved successful and all done very professionally.I appreciated their dedication, attention to detail and their ability to make complicated things simple so I even I could understand them. I recommend QuanTec and will be using them again in the future.

Roger C.  Director (Specialist Services)

  • Having worked on many projects with QuanTec since 2009, they are passionate about their work and particularly adept at effectively managing projects, managing client expectations and completing within agreed timescales. More importantly, they are trustworthy, professional, and act with integrity and good humour and are also a good sounding board!

Simon B.  Director (Property Developer)

  • I have worked with QuanTec over the last few years in my capacity as Director of Property Co. Ltd. We have worked collaboratively together to identify development opportunity for a residential site in Bristol. All survey work has been completed quickly and efficiently at the site. All tender reports have been comprehensive. QuanTec have an eye for detail that ensures all contingencies have been considered. As the project moves forward, I will continue to work with QuanTec in the future.

    Dennis O’L.  Managing Director (Specialist Services)

  • Having recently met QuanTec to provide a marketing audit, I was impressed with their business acumen and values. QuanTec is a modern business with traditional values – making them a true Practice of Integrity. They are constantly reinvesting in the business in order to deliver better value to clients. I was delighted to provide some marketing pointers that I hope will be useful in maximising the market exposure of QuanTec and I wish them every success for the future.

 Andrew R.  Managing Director (Property Developer)

  • QuanTec are a thorough and professional Quantity Surveyor. They provide excellent support for their Clients on projects, bringing a wealth of experience to bear. Conscientious and hardworking, they are a pivotal member of any Consultant team. We are working with them again.

Keith S.  Engineering Director (Property Developer)

  • QuanTec were originally hired by my former company to audit the final account submission and to develop a substantial claim document against a major International contractor on our behalf. They were extremely thorough and identified a number of issues which enabled a substantial claim to be successfully made and paid. Their work involved re-writing major elements of the measure and identifying and substantiating claim elements within the contract works, whilst working and controlling a number of our companies senior management team.I have since consulted with them on other projects and continue to work closely with them on a number of developments.

Khalid D.  Project Manager (Property Developer)

  • Having worked with QuanTec on a number of projects, I can attest to their excellence in both preparation and delivery. They brings a fresh perspective and new ideas as well as an abundance of energy and drive to both projects and teams ensuring high quality execution. This combined with a strong presence and great team spirit make them an asset to any team.

Mark A.  Managing Director (Construction)

  • QuanTec have always delivered our quantities on time, within budget and with 100% accuracy. They offer a consistent and reliable service and has an extremely detailed knowledge of their profession.

Tom E.  Managing Director (Specialist Services)

  • I have had the pleasure of knowing QuanTec for years now and can honestly say they have been one of the most open and trustworthy people I have ever dealt with. They are clearly very well connected in the South West and UK market and are well thought of amongst their peers. I hope to continue working with QuanTec for many more years to come and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

James H.  Managing Director (Specialist Services)

  • QuanTec managed to resolve a long running stand off between Us and a builder, two sides that were at logger heads. Their knowledge of the construction industry and contract law played a role in settleing the dispute. Their expertise was un-questionable.

Steve L. Director (Specialist Services) 

  • QuanTec have a great depth of knowledge and work diligently on any project they take on. They very obviously take pride in what they does, which shows in the consistent quality of their work. We will definitely be using their services again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Rebbeca H. Director (Property Developer)

  • QuanTec provided required information to a tight deadline, they are obviously very experienced and pay great attention to detail. We continue to work with them on ongoing and future projects.